Back Pain – patient education and healing mindset.


Key Points

Our practitioners will relay information, advice and messages that patients can heal over time with low back pain:

We will promote a biopsychosocial approach to pain:

  • Back pain does not mean your back is damaged – it means it is sensitive at the moment
  • Things like awkward movements and postures, muscle tension, inactivity, lack of sleep, stress, worry and low mood effect back pain.
  • Did you know, most back pain is linked to minor sprains that can be very painful. Sleeping well, logical exercise, a healthy diet and cutting down on your smoking will help your back pain over time.
  • The brain can play tricks on you – the more you worry and think about your pain the worse it gets

Promote resilience

  • Your back is a strong structure

Encourage normal activity and movement

  • Relaxed movement will help your back pain settle
  • Your back gets stronger with movement
  • Motion is medicine
  • Protecting your back and avoiding movement can make things worse

Address concerns about imaging results and pain:

  • Scans show a lot of detail, it doesn’t mean you are injured. Changes are normal, like grey hair
  • Movements will be sore at first – like an ankle sprain

Encourage self-management

  • Let’s work out a plan to help you
  • Getting back to work will help you recover
  • We can work with your GP, one of our Chiro’s or your Trainer, to get you fully recovered over time.
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