Best Massage Therapists in Zetland


The art of unwinding can be challenging but this list is guaranteed to make it a whole lot easier for you, so you can spend less time searching, and more time stress-relieving. From remedial massages to sports massages to deep tissue massages. We can help you find the best massage therapists in Zetland.


Benefits of getting a Massage

The number one benefit of massage is stress-relief, we need more research to figure out exactly how much massage therapy reduces stress-hormones like cortisol, but anecdotal evidence suggests that massages can help lower stress and encourage relaxation.

Regular massage therapy can do wonders for your posture and flexibility. Massage therapy loosens and relaxes muscles, which relives pressure points and gives joints a greater range of motion. Once pressure points are relieved, the body can position itself properly and develop a natural posture that doesn’t cause pain.

Massages can be VERY helpful in correcting bad posture. Massage can relax and loosen the muscles made sore by bad posture, allowing your body to position itself in its natural-and pain-free-posture. With regular massage, you may notice a natural progression in improving your posture!

Whats even better than a stress relieving massage? Our team of massage therapists can help you handle your musculoskeletal aches and pains as well. So if you are suffering with shoulder pain, headaches or low back pain, pop on in!


Waterloo Sports Massage

Waterloo Sports Massage are the Premier Sports Massage and Remedial Massage Clinic in Waterloo and Zetland. Situated on the Waterloo, Redfern, Zetland, Moore Park, Kensington boundary, our clientele are fit, healthy and busy Sydney professionals looking to enhance the function of their muscular system and overall wellness.

Our massage therapists are all qualified to the highest industry and multidisciplinary clinic standards and are on hand to deliver a range of soft tissue techniques to improve the feeling and tension within your body, including the ability to tailor your massage from light to very firm.

The massage services are offer include: Remedial Massages, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massages and more!

Want to book yourself in for the best massage in Zetland? Our team can help you to take advantage of all the above benefits. Email or call us at 02 9690 0911 to see how we could give you the support you need.

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