Can a Remedial Massage Help to Relieve my Headache?

Can a Remedial Massage Help to Relieve my Headache


Headaches can be debilitating and impact concentration or reduce performance. Discover how the right remedial massage treatment can help.

According to the latest research half the world’s population experiences at least one significant headache a year. 30% of this group experience migraines on top of their headaches. But, these are two seperate diagnoses at play.

Headaches can be mild or severe, migraines are usually severe and may impact wellbeing as well as overall quality of life. That’s why it’s important to find the right diagnosis and treatment option for your pain from you GP or allied health practitioner. Our chiropractors often diagnose your condition and our massage staff can get busy working on your muscular system.

Headaches can have a variety of causes. They can be triggered from injured structures in your neck and even muscular stress. The typical treatment for headaches is a mixture of over-the-counter medications, stretching, mobility and massage therapy or other therapy like chiropractic.

A significant number of people find over the counter medication is ineffective. That’s why you should consider exploring an alternate treatment such as a remedial massage or chiro to add to your effective treatment choices. This goes for both headache and migraine management.


What Is A Remedial Massage?

A remedial massage is a type of physical therapy that is used to treat issues with the muscles. Specifically, it is recommended for muscles that are knotted, shortened, knotted, tight or simply tense. It can be used to address numerous health issues while also speeding up the healing process of the body. Issues in the muscles can cause pain to radiate to various other parts of the body. As such, the right remedial massage may be just what you need to tackle the root point of a health issue.

Some of the health issues that can be treated with a remedial massage include:

– Neck pain

– Chronic pain

– Fatigue

– Long term injuries

– Posture


What Are The Benefits Of A Remedial massage?

There are countless benefits of a remedial massage. This form of physical therapy helps stimulate blood flow to different parts of the body. As such, it can make the joints far more mobile overall. It may also ensure that areas of the body receive the blood flow they need for rapid repairs and an improved overall recovery. Various specific health conditions may be treated with a remedial massage including whiplash, low back pain, soft tissue strains and postural pain.


Can A Remedial Massage Be Used As Headache Pain Treatment?

A remedial massage can be used as an effective form of headache pain treatment. During a remedial massage, shoulder, neck and head muscles can be released which can provide relief from tension headaches. This is often achieved through techniques including trigger point therapy as well as stretching exercises.

Trigger point therapy focuses on applying the right pressure to various sensitive areas of muscle. These are known as ‘knots.’ The pressure on these areas helps ensure that they do receive an increased level of blood flow. The muscles receive the right nutrients which relaxes the fibres.

As well as helping with the physical causes of certain headaches, remedial massages can also improve levels of mental stress. One study has found that the frequency and duration of tension headaches can be significantly reduced by providing individuals with half-hour remedial massages twice a week over a short period of time.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key benefits of remedial massages and how this therapy could help you if you are experiencing headaches that are impacting your quality of life or your physical performance. With the right remedial massage treatment, you can ensure headaches don’t stop you from reaching your maximum potential. And if you feel you need a little more treatment try an appointment with one of our Chiro’s instead!


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