Covid Safety, conditions of Remedial Massage.

All Massage patients must be fully vaccinated effective from October 11th 2021. Medical and Age Related Exemptions please email below*

We have taken it upon ourselves as a team to apply the strictest interpretation of the COVID 19 NSW guidelines in consultation with our professional association, contact tracers and health workers.

Due to the nature of our treatment, being unable to maintain social distancing, we are doing everything to avoid becoming close contacts and a link in the chain of infection should we have a patient with Covid19.

We realise that some of these measures will be inconvenient for some individual patients but unfortunately it is incumbent upon us to take the community we work with as a whole into consideration.

Should we become a close contact and one of us become infected it may also become the case that we have to close the clinic for a time which would impact on all our patients. Secondly if a transmission occurs in the clinic to an unvaccinated patient, our preference is to not be a part of the chain of transmission that can lead to hospitalisation and severe illness or death.

This will remain our current policy but we welcome feedback from patients and suggestions they may have going forward about a more appropriate management strategy, taking into account the situation we are navigating, which will protect all our patients, staff and our local community.

All of us at Waterloo Sports Massage Clinic appreciate your understanding during this unusual time as we try our best to meet everyone’s needs.

Waterloo Sports Massage


*We will monitor the advice on a week by week basis.

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