Five Reasons It’s Time For A Deep Tissue Massage



Deep tissue massages can be a great choice for anyone who works out regularly. You can expect an overall positive impact on wellbeing. Discover Some of the fantastic benefits of this therapy.

Deep tissue massage uses both firm pressure combined with slow strokes to massage muscle and fascial layers. These layers form the connective tissue around various key muscle groups. Here are some of the reasons why a deep tissue massage treatment could be the right choice for you.


Improves The Recovery Of Injured Muscles

Deep tissue massage treatment has been popular with athletes for years. One of the main reasons for this is that it can be used to ensure a more rapid recovery of damaged muscles. If you have been injured during a workout or in the midst of an intense match, a deep tissue massage can improve your recovery. It relaxes the muscles allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the areas they are needed most.


Reduces Stress And Tension

Studies suggest that deep tissue massages can also have a positive impact on the level of stress that people experience. The massage treatment may lower stress hormones in the body while increasing the level of neurotransmitters including dopamine and various endorphins. As the name suggests, this form of treatment works on the deeper muscles in the body, ensuring that they are relaxed the right way. This often leaves people with a sensation of serenity after the treatment is complete.


Lowers Pain

It’s common to feel pain after a tough workout session. Furthermore, research suggests that millions of people experience some form of debilitating chronic pain every year. Pain in the body will often lead to tension which can increase the severity of the pain.  A deep tissue massage will loosen any tight muscles through the body and this can help reduce the level of pain caused by tension. Increased levels of blood flow will also trigger the healing process required at the impacted area.


Improved blood flow can have other positive impacts too including reducing levels of inflammation which may be the root cause of the pain you are experiencing.


Reduces Joint Pain Symptoms

Symptoms from degenerative joints include pain, limited range of joint motion, stiffness and issues with sleep. According to the latest literature massage therapy can be considered to alleviate joint pain. Read more here:

Studies have also linked degenerative joint pain and arthritis to injury and trauma early in life, so if you are having soreness from running too much, maybe a sport massage can help you!

If you are experiencing symptoms like joint pain, it’s important to get the relief you need. The right amount of pressure applied through a deep tissue massage can help reduce levels of pain and tension. This may increase mobility while also providing the relief needed to get a good night of rest.


Eliminates Scar Tissue

Finally, scar tissue is another common reason for chronic pain in an affected area. Deep tissue massages can be used to break up the scar tissue and boost lymphatic circulation. As well as reducing levels of pain, this can also ensure a wider range of motion. This is one of the reasons why deep tissue massage is often a recommended form of treatment after surgery.


We hope this helps you understand some of the key benefits of a deep tissue massage and why you should consider booking your own treatment today.


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