Massage Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Massage Treatments for Lower Back Pain


Official figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that around 4 million people –  approximately 16 percent of the population – have some kind of back pain. Furthermore, estimates suggest that around 70 to 90 percent of people will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives.


But why are the figures so high?


Primarily, lower back pain is a function of chronic conditions. Symptoms develop slowly at first and then get worse from there. Common long-term causes include degenerative disc disease, lumbar herniated disc, spinal stenosis, and compression fracture.

Muscle and ligament strain is also a leading cause that can occur when muscles are stretched too far and tear, or when ligaments are sprained. Triggers include sudden movements that place excessive stress on the lower back, poor postural habits, lifting heavy objects, twisting the spine under load, and sports injuries.

Fortunately, massage is a powerful tool for remedying lower back pain. With remedial massage in Waterloo, Redfern, Zetland, Moore Park, Kensington, Alexandria and more, patients can reduce pain and restore function to the lower back area without surgery or drugs.


What Is Remedial Massage For Lower Back Pain?

Remedial massage is a natural massage technique that focuses on restoring the original function of damaged soft tissue. It is a natural therapy that seeks to treat aches, pains, and injuries by helping the body recover faster. Primarily, it focuses on treating knotted, tense, and damaged muscles in the lower back that cause both acute and chronic pain. However, it can also target ligaments and tendons, and issues relating to how they interface with muscles and bones.

Remedial massages in Waterloo Sports Massage begin by assessing the patient to see what’s wrong. Therapists then conduct an analysis of the source of their lower back pain, before using massage techniques to treat it. The goal is to manipulate the soft tissue to improve the patient’s posture and flexibility, relieve sore muscles and address sports injuries – analogous to what chiropractors do for joints. (And if you would prefer to see a chiropractor, book with one of our chiropractors).

During a lower back pain massage, patients can sometimes experience discomfort. However, some soreness after a session is perfectly normal and indicates that healing has begun.


The Benefits Of Massage Treatment For Lower Back Pain

Besides improvements in physical function and a reduction in pain, there are multiple additional benefits of massage therapy for the lower back. According to the American Massage Association massage:

–  Improves blood circulation throughout the affected region, improving muscle soreness recovery after physical exercises

– Changes the body’s internal chemistry, increasing endorphin levels, improving recipients’ mood by reducing stress and tension, and slashing cortisol levels

– Improves muscles’ range of motion and may even help reduce insomnia


Experience A Lower Back Massage In Waterloo

If you’d like to experience the benefits of a lower back massage in Zetland or Waterloo, get in touch with us, today. We use remedial pain massage techniques to resolve musculoskeletal issues, improving your posture, circulation and flexibility, restoring tissues to their original function.

Waterloo Sports Massage is a therapeutic massage clinic always striving to deliver the best Remedial Massage and Sports Massage in Sydney.

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