Meet, Pat Buachan, Remedial Massage Therapist – Part 2

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Meet Pat, part 2.

We sat down with Pat Buachan in January 2020. Talk about hitting the ground running!  With 10+ years of Remedial Massage experience across Sydney, our loyal clientele are loving her wholistic approach to your Sports Massage.

  1. What is your health and fitness goals at the moment ?

Start stretching more often, Focus on breathing correctly. Remind myself rest and recovery is a part of a healthy life. If I could share one pearl of wisdom, focus on the habit and not the result.


  1. What is proactive health care philosophy do you put into practice and why ?

Mind Body connection is paramount to holistic health.


I meditate and stretch regularly. Meditation is an exercise for your mind to give you a clear vision in making decisions, Stretching is an exercise to prepare your body to be ready for life ! I firmly believe both mind and body should be well maintained. If you are ever confused about where to start, massage is a great starting point. I use breathe in my treatments to get maximum benefit out of it. Breathing correctly will help your body/muscles relaxed and reduce stress levels.


  1. What type of musculoskeletal injuries are people presenting with this time of year ?

– Muscle/Tendon Sprain, Tension Neck Syndrome


  1. Over the course of your 10 year career, what case do you see over and over again and why ?

– Office Syndrome; low back pain from sitting and sedentary lifestyle and neck pain from muscle/tendon sprain from lack of movement during the day hunched over the desk.


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