Meet Pat, Remedial Massage Therapist – Part 1

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10+ years of experience in Sydney!

Getting to know Pat (Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapist)

  1. Tell our Waterloo Massage Therapy Clientele a little bit about yourself ?


My Allied Health Care career commenced with Traditional Thai Massage, as I have Thai heritage. I started in Thai Massage in 2009 learning the ropes. I am truly grateful for this grounding, as I have used it as the foundation for my Sports and Remedial Massage skills. Now it’s time to impact the Waterloo community with my Massage Therapy expertise!

These days, I focus my attention on injury management, however I still aim to achieve harmony between body, mind and spirit and pay attention to emotional stressors – which was engrained into me early in my career. In 2012 I completed my formal Diploma of Remedial Massage in Sydney and have loved treating the musculo – skeletal cases ever since.


  1. What can people expect from your massage treatments ?

Expertise in both remedial massage and acupressure treatment, working through new or old physical injuries and always alleviating emotional stress as I find it (the body hides stress in unusual places, believe me!). I am a deep tissue massage therapist and believe in the value of long and firm strokes to relieve stress, tension and anxiety in certain muscle groups.


  1. What do you most ENJOY about your profession as a Remedial Massage Therapist ?

Seeing patients walking out with a big smile on their faces, realising what their body needs. It’s time to start looking after your body and mind !


  1. Why did you become a Remedial Massage Therapist ?

I dislocated my knee during sports when I was 15 and was immediately advised to have surgery. I wasn’t given any options to even try rehabilitation. In my gut, I believed that I was still young, so my body had the ability to heal itself.

My parents took me to a very old traditional Thai therapist and he was using his hands to treat the hip, leg, knee and patella. He treated me daily for 1 month and now 15 years on, my knee is fine without any operation. To this day I still admire his job and would encourage anyone with healing hands to become a massage therapist.


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