Megan Langford – Remedial Massage Therapist part 2

Getting to know MEGAN (Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy)

1. What is your health and fitness goals at the moment?


I’m completing a beginner’s course in vinyasa yoga at the moment, which improves your strength and flexibility while also improving your ability to work and act mindfully. It’s a physical and mental workout, all rolled into one! I’m also doing longer strength training sessions and transitioning to an entirely plant-based diet, which have both been great challenges!


2. What is proactive health care philosophy do you put into practice and why?


I incorporate hip and chest stretches as well as hip and shoulder muscle-balancing exercises into my everyday routine. I try to meditate every morning (which, as a busy-minded person, I have varying degrees of success with, haha), and I keep a virtual plant alive and growing every day as I track my hydration. I practically live on salads and green smoothies, which is great in warmer months but more difficult to maintain in winter!


3. What type of musculoskeletal injuries are people presenting with this time of year?


In the early months of the year, everyone was trying to keep to their New Year health goals, so there are a lot of people returning to exercise after lots of time off and trying to do too much, too fast. Depending on your exercise or sport of choice, people can injure knees, ankles, shoulders and backs (especially the lower back), and overloading muscles all over the body! I loved the enthusiasm people bring to their workouts. With the onset of Covid 19 and the ensuing lockdowns we have had the work from home sorenesses develop. Tech neck, low back pain, stress and anxiety. At this time of year it’s important to stay physically active but given the constraints of Covid 19, it’s important to do it carefully and let your body get used to moving in different ways than it’s used to 🙂


4. Over the course of your career, what case do you see over and over again and why?


I’ve heard a lot of lower backs and neck/shoulder complaints – desk jobs, lots of time sitting at your work station and at home, poor posture, ‘phone neck’ and lack of core strength have a lot to answer for! Fortunately, we’re here to help ease the aches and help people to get back to moving well again!


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