Nathan Simmon

Nathan is a degree qualified healthcare professional with a diploma in remedial massage and extensive experience in the personal training industry. Nathan is an easy going, happy massage therapist who prides himself on being a thorough practitioner who strongly believes in the power of holistic health and mobility. 

Nathan has an excellent mix of musculoskeletal management and relaxation by spending time in remedial and Japanese inspired massage therapy clinics in the past. His Personal Training back ground has given him an all-round exposure to case management.

During treatments from Nathan, you can expect a range of techniques, such as myofascial release, trigger points, firm to very firm sports massage, relaxation and deep tissue massage to ensure all clients feel healthy, happy and free from any pain, tightness, or discomfort.

Nathan is excellent at handling postural concerns, tightness in the hips, low back, lower leg and hamstrings and neck areas. You can expect a thorough deep tissue massage with follow up advice including stretches, mobility drills and exercises to enhance the outcome from your massages. 

Nathan is prepared to work through complex musculoskeletal cases, where you may have multiple regions to address with a variety of soft tissue therapies or a simple deep tissue relaxation massage for busy professionals in Sydney.

Nathan is an all-rounder and can handle the simple to the more interesting! 

All Private Health Insurance rebates can be used with Nathan’s massage treatments. 


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