Waterloo Chiro and Amanda Matthews Massage are a team!

Happy New Year! We are happy to announce that from January 2015 we are officially working as Waterloo Chiropractic and Sports Massage Clinic. You may have noticed the new signage and frosting on our front door by now! This amalgamation comes after 2 years of working closely with the Massage Therapists next door.
From Waterloo Chiropractic’s perspective, we certainly value how the Massage Therapy expertise compliments the work we do. And seeing as though we all get along so well, this meant that holding hands together was just a simple and common sense approach.

From a clinical outcome perspective, one of the main reasons we are really motivated to work more closely with the Massage Therapists is to elevate the success for our patients. With one booking and administration service between the two clinics, this simple change gives Ben and Daniel an ability to communicate directly to the massage therapists if required. By handling the case in this way we will be offering you an enhanced experience and better outcomes in regards to your health.
Other advantages:

– We will take call and enquiries from 7 am till 8 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am till 4 pm on Saturday for Chiropractic and Massage.
– We have capacity to add in a new discipline in the future if we meet the right person!

Here is a quick rundown on the massage therapists:

Garth: Garth is a talented individual. He is a Qualified Chef, Massage Therapist and Tea Maker. Garth has travelled the world as a Chef and has returned to continue his learning’s in Massage Therapy. He has a keen interest in the health industry, particularly the role the diet has on the body and the condition of the muscle tissue. Garth has a great touch and has the ability to quickly find your problem area and apply the appropriate massage techniques to improve the function and feel of the area.

Rory: Rory has built a reputation in the clinic as providing a very firm and effective Deep Tissue Massage. He has a keen interest in sport, in particular rugby, which has led him into a career as a Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist. Rory is developing quite the following with his ability to use his strength to provide a strong massage! His focus is to provide stress relief, improve muscular injury and enhance the quality of the muscular system by flushing it free of toxins.

Amanda: After completing a tertiary university qualification in sports science, Amanda decided to use her theoretical knowledge and apply it in a practical way. As such she is a renowned Sports, Deep Tissue, Remedial Massage and Myofascial Release Cupping therapist. She has an excellent rapport with her clients and works with each person to help them overcome injury and maintain a healthy, pain free life. She is ready to help you lead a healthy and strong life.

Introducing a New Specialised Chiropractor and Myotherapist and Remedial Massage Therapist:
Kieran Finnegan has been working next door as a Remedial Massage Therapist and Myotherapist. He has an impressive resume working on the muscular system. Working on the muscular system is Kieran’s passion.

Kieran’s key interest area is:

– Pain management
– Chronic joint injury treatment
– Chronic spinal pain
– Muscle and joint pain
– Sports injury
– Sciatica

Kieran’s service is dedicated at improving the quality of his patients’ full body including the spine and muscular system. As a consequence Kieran has a different pay schedule and treatment times to Daniel and Ben. He provides two options with a 3rd option being that he makes himself available for a limited number of Remedial

Massage appointments per week:
60 minutes spine and full body massage – $120
45 minutes spine and upper body or lower body massage – $90
60 minutes remedial massage – $95

Our team and great friendly service is still the same, if not even better now that we are working closely with Waterloo Sports Massage. It’s an honour and privilege to offer you this service which in our belief (along with exercise and a quality diet) will allow you to reach optimum health and wellbeing. We look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon.

The Waterloo Chiropractic and Sports Massage Team.

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